Workshop Program

Workshop Format

The workshop is organized to be fully on-line, with parallel group facilitation by the organisers. Building on the above arguments and directions for decolonization, this 5-hour workshop has four phases:

Phase 1: We rely on a method we successfully deployed in an on-line workshop at the 2020 PD conference [29],namely a joint conceptualization of a social robot [1 hour]: Participants are grouped in smaller online groups and immediately engaged in the codesign of a social robot for defined diverse contexts (be it organizational, community, private or public spaces). The groups will work on Miro based on design techniques and probes from the authors’ suggested methods in the position papers and prescribed by the organizers such as using ”consensus method” in one group, but also allowing the participants to negotiate design methods. The groups then share their design outputs with the rest of the group revealing their values, views and challenges in relation to the social robot.

Phase 2: Embracing epistemologies dialogue [1 hour]: The plurality of epistemologies in the hybrid room are now made explicit triggered by the created artefacts and attached values. Each participant will position themselves, map out their methods or concepts, and discuss how they relate to Phase 1 and the core workshop questions, in a research through design approach. Possible decolonization of PD practices are presented in form of an engaged Bohm dialogue.

Phase 3: Exploring expressions of decolonization [45 min]:Participants visit a virtual reality exhibition on decolonizing design (also submitted to CHI2021 Interactivity). The different VR rooms are developed by 6 different collaborators from around the world with the purpose of creating experiences and dialogues on decoloniality. The exhibition is used to engage in different forms of expression and initiate and inspire the process of prototyping for Phase 4.

Phase 4: Prototype decolonizing toolkit [1,5 hours]: In online groups the participants prototype a toolkit of methods, techniques, concepts and principles of a decolonized HCI. Participants work across their common practices, methods and probes, as well as the themes and discussions that have emerged during the workshop phases. The toolkit will be showcased to a wider CHI audience in an exchange event with other workshop participants

Workshop Schedule

Workshop ActivityTime
Introduction of workshop format and content by organizers15 Min
PD of a social robot and introduction of participants45 Min
Embracing epistemologies dialogue60 min60 Min
Exploring expressions of decolonisation45 Min
Prototype decolonizing toolkit of methods90 Min
Summary conclusion and way forward30 Min

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